Thursday, September 5, 2013

Steeples, Herons, Farms, Trucks & Streams,

I went for a drive along the river and met this blue heron looking for a fish lunch.

I visited a friend who has some very special eggs in her incubator.
 These Silver Appleyard Ducklings will be hatching in a week or so.

I continued following the river and found a wonderful little village, Swiftwater New Hampshire where the local church is getting its steeple repaired.

What a great job.

 With great views.

I visted the nearby general store.  America's OLDEST general store.

The inside of this store is like a museum.  All kinds of neat stuff.

I spent an hour enjoying the store's contents and then rEsumed my river road adventure.

It led me to farms.

Little did I know that this is the award winning farm of Landaff cheese fame.

Lots of old trucks in this town.

  And churches.

and more farms.

Loose chickens scratching through fresh baled hay....

 and looking guilty... like they are planning on stealing the tractor or something....

 Another old truck.

 And a barn with red cows on the outside.

Vintage haying equipment.

John Deere tractors lined up and ready to get to work.

My favorite sign.

And at the end of our drive, a nice cool dip in a clear mountain stream.

A wonderful drive. A wonderful day.


  1. What a lovely drive! Thanks for taking us along! :)

  2. Love the shots. I especially like the red barn

  3. We've had a blue heron hanging around in our pastures for the last week or so. He was in our middle pasture last night after supper. I hope it's not been so wet here that all our frogs are in the pastures and he's after them. We need our frogs to eat the mosquitoes!

  4. how fun to travel along with you. I thought the chickens with that tractor was hilarious! {:-Deb

  5. Yesterday DH saw our blue heron, out in the pasture as usual, catch and eat a mouse. He called our birding neighbor and told him. He looked it up in his best birding book, and sure enough, blue herons will take small mammals. YAY! He's hopefully not eating our frogs, but our over abundance of mice!!