Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ryegate 250th Celebration

Another great town in Vermont is celebrating their 250th birthday.

BIg rural event.

Complete with Oxen

Hand braided rugs by Delsie Hoyt
See more of these amazing designs at:

Ryegate was settled by a large group of Scottish, who came here as stone cutter, and there is always a bagpipe included in any and all activities.

A singing Blacksmith was making lots of nice solid items.

A cider press was in full swing.

Lots of animals to pet and chat with

The sky was blue and the air smelled like fresh baked products and coffee!
There was a table with fresh baked goods and fresh coffees in front of the Grange.

My hands were full of muffins so I couldn't take a photo.

The man in the kilt wandered around to different event locations and serenaded us.
It was really wonderful.

The fire department was hosting a BBQ later in the afternoon and I could already smell the delicious aromas of the pork starting to cook on the giant grills in the back of the building.

I planned on coming back for dinner.
I had heard a rumor that there was going to be mashed potatoes!

There was so much to see at the celebration it was difficult not to miss something.

More Scottish themed fun.

There were lots of games for the kids.

Vermonters are a fun bunch, and this town names its snow plow blades.

Talented musicians played as the BBQ opened for business.

I arrived at 5:01 pm and was one of the first in line.

The women said I could have as much mashed potatoes as I wanted, so I filled my plate and made a mountain.  I got a few slabs of BBQ too and I must admit it was the best I have ever tasted.  Ever.

I love looking at shirts and the teamster had his oxen, when they were just babes in training, on his shirt.

A nice handmade wooden fire engine on the wall.

At 5:05 pm the fire hall was getting full.

Lots of great Scottish and Irish tunes accompanied dinner and conversation.

It was hard to leave to go home.

What a great event.

Ryegaters do everything well and the entire community chipped in to make all their 250 events really spectacular this year.

I do hope they continue the tradition and have this one again next year!

Been to a BBQ lately ?


  1. i love these events. i went to some of the best fairs when i spent time in vermont. they know how to fair there!

  2. Visiting here via Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday letter R.
    I liked your rural and Rygate photos.
    It looks like you had a great time. I notice in the States you have lots of pulled pork which is not as popular or heard of here in Australia. For our BBQ's We tend to like our steak and 'snags' (sausages). We are finally approaching outdoor bbq time now after a long winter.

  3. I don't get to go to those types of events often, but they are so fun when I do. Those rugs are the most beautiful braided rugs I've ever seen!

    I'm going to have to make mashed potatoes for supper tomorrow now!

  4. Boy, sounds like much better food than I have seen at many events. I am interested in seeing what kind will be at the renaissance fair.

  5. No, but I read about them in Michael Pollan's new book, Cooked. Superb book, and more than you will ever want to know about barbeque.

  6. That's my idea of a great day! Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick