Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The View from the Porch

That's the view for today.
How is your view ?


  1. I love your views today!
    Actually, hubby is painting our front porch. :)

  2. Janis,
    You have a wonderful view from your porch!

    Your flowers are gorgeous. I like the looks of your hens and dog. Thank You for taking us on a tour of your yard.

    Our cattle dog is well old enough to know better and still needs to be chained up when the hens are out. I hate to have her chained up, but I like my hens and farm fresh eggs better than the naughty free spirited dog.


  3. Neat shed, chickens, flowers and my favorite ~ your dog ~ Great shots!
    carol, ^_^

  4. Pretty flowers you have. I'm sure all the animals make for some great fun.

  5. Enjoyed all your shots♫ Appreciate that you can see everything from your porch! My Rurality:

  6. Your flowers and "views from the porch" are beautiful!

  7. Wonderful rural views and beautiful flowers! What a cute chicken house/coop you have! And your cute pup looks like he is relaxing :o)

    Today, here it is blue clear skies in my view out the window by my computer.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Stopping over through Ms. Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday "R"s.

  8. What beautiful country scenes!

  9. Is that red flower above the sunflowers a dahlia?? I LOVE that flower. The symmetry of its flower petals is stunning!

  10. My view is best from my patio--my mini-forest of fir and oak trees, flowers, butterfly bush, roses, and a playful squirrel among the birds.

  11. love to see your flowers all around. And the hen house is so cute! Beautiful doggie! {:-Deb

  12. It's a wonder you can get anything done with a view like that...

    I would have to refrain from relaxing and enjoying refreshments all day on the porch!

    Thanks for linking to the letter "R"...

    Remarkable post!