Monday, September 30, 2013

The Gray Barn

A barn hidden by the trees that are now growing up around it and through it.

Its easy to drive by this barn and never notice it as it is neatly camouflaged by the trees and grass.
I was walking on the road and noticed it.

A small apple orchard sits nearby and at one time this barn held cows, milk and apples.

This barn is empty and falling down and probably will disappear from the landscape within the next few years.


  1. Is it falling backwards or what makes it look like it is falling down? I see a straight roof line and what looks like square window frames. The door is wonky, but the whole thing seems salvageable. Too bad someone doesn't want the barn anymore.

  2. I'd love to have a barn lke that here! There's so much you could do with it!

  3. Lots of barns are falling down around us as they are obsolete in today's world of drive by farming. If they have to get off the tractor, it doesn't get done in our location and buildings get no maintenance. That would make a good painting if you could get strong light on it early one morning or late in the afternoon.

  4. You didn't peek inside??!! I am as curious as a cat and probably would have.