Sunday, September 29, 2013

Foggy Field Work

On my way to church this morning I just HAD to pull over and watch this field crew harvest their corn amidst the fog and autumn colors.

After church I drove around to admire the rural backroads and the autumn colors that are creeping this way.

Color should be peaking here in Northern Vermont by next weekend.
Come on up for a visit!

How is the tree color where you live ?


  1. I am seeing more shades of green here in VA but no real color like you are having. The color varies here, I have seen it up into November but I think it will be a little earlier this year as it has been a cool summer so maybe mid October. The greens taste better when the garden frosts a couple times.

  2. Beautiful! Mr. Dog Trot and I are heading to Bennington next weekend! Autumn greetings, Julie.

  3. Love the shot of the road with trees lining it. Our colors are just starting!

  4. Were driving north of here and the color is coming on nicely. I think the peak will be before Columbus Day weekend here.