Monday, April 11, 2011

Name That Bird

All the rain yesterday and today has created many small ponds all over the fields.

There are ducks and geese swimming in most of them.

However, I spotted this strangely unusual bird in a pond near the cows.

I would of never noticed it except that it did look like a stick sticking up out of the puddle, and I knew there was no stick, so I looked again.


The rain has stopped, temporarily, so I got a few photos and went home to look at my bird book.

It ain't a Snipe.

And I did not find anything that closely resembles it at all.

3 hours later I went back down to water the herd and the bird was still in the EXACT same spot.       Has not moved or blinked.
Looks like he is frozen in time.

So the question is:

WHAT IS THIS ?    And is it suppose to be in Vermont?

That storm last night and this morning was intense, so could this bird have been forced to fly inland?

Is it a beach bird?

Please call all your bird watching friends and let me know what this bird is.

Strange things DO end up in this remote area of Vermont.

And could someone PLEASE make it stop raining.


  1. It must be weird bird day, My blog had a post about a bird that left it's imprint. That bird is probably migrating and the weather made him do a detour.

  2. I hope you find out because one spring day two of those weird things landed in my trees around the chicken coop. I think they wanted to land in my swimming pool but they saw me at the last minute. I have never seen a picture of them either.
    I do hope you find out.

  3. Janis. It is an American Bittern.

  4. My husband says that is an American Bittern. Check out this web site.

    We don't have them in Colorado.

    I command that your rain stop. You can send some our way. cheers. ann

  5. I have no idea what kind of bird that is. Looks rather large too. I hope it finds it way home.

  6. We call them shypokes, not sure of the spelling. Sometimes we call them sump pump birds because of a low noise that they make.

  7. ---I think that's what it is. I'm not a bird expert. :)

  8. It's an American Bittern, and yes he's probably a native, as they summer up into Canada.

    And yes - PLEASE stop the rain. My basement can't take anymore (nor can my back)