Friday, June 10, 2011

Barns of June, 2

A nice big red barn.

Freshly painted.

Impossible for me to drive by and not take a few photos.

Off to the side of the barn is this 10x10 farm stand building.

Very very sweet.  Great efficient design.

What I learned once I entered this wonderful magical building was amazing.

All the cakes, brownies, perserves, pickles, jams, plants and veggies were ALL donated by area farmers to help raise funds for a local family in town that has ALS.
 It is a very interesting story of a little community supporting a young man.
Everything is sold by the honor system. It is a self serve farm stand.

This particular newspaper article really tells the entire story about the disease being in his family for 200 years.

I purchsed some fresh rasberry jam and a root beer.

Next time I am in that area I am coming home with one of their delicious pies!

The perfect farmers centerpiece:  A bouquet of June clover.


  1. Beautiful barn, beautiful stand, and a beautiful sentiment for the family in need!

  2. The pictures are great, thanks for sharing.