Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Barns of June

I have been on the road for my job for several days and I have photographed some unusual sights.

Extraordinary country crafts, curious livestock, fabulous barns, hidden outbuildings and various fields being harvested for hay.

250 photos.

I will start the Barns of June Series with this post.

So stay tuned for the rest of the series.

There is nothing more American than a red barn with a big blue sky in the background.

Its all red, white and blue.

I really like the green too!

This town has more cows than people, so their volunteer fire department has only a one stall barn building to hold all of its equipment.

Style and function, all in one cute package.

These cows are right across the street grazing and doing guard duty.

They checked me out while I was taking a photo of "their" building.

I quickly identified myself, showed my ID ( treats!) and went along my business.....

I didn't want to make them angry because there is nothing worse than a Mad Cow......

Many of the lush green fields are full of cows and beautiful daylillies.

June is a colorful month here!


  1. Is that a Dutch style barn? Do you know what this barn would have been used for?

  2. Mary, this is a busy dairy farm. The design of the barn is a common one here in the Northeast as it effectively keeps the snow and ice OFF the roof in the winter.