Monday, June 20, 2011

Barns of June, 3

This is what June looks like here in Vermont.

The grass is high and thick.

And stetches as far as the eye can see.

Its haying time.

The smell of fresh cut hay envelopes your senses.

At night the fireflies play in the fields and light them up with a thousand tiny Christmas lights.

Its magical.

The big barns are being filled with hay.

This is the back of the barn.

Buttercup fields are everywhere and really add to the colors on the mountains.

Hay is being cut in swirling pattens.

Another type of barn.  

The wind is blowing and will help dry the fresh cut hay.

Mowing down the hay.

Lets hope all the new born fawns will get up and exit the field before the mower gets too close.

He is Teddering, spreading out the hay to dry.

So it can then be raked up into windrows for the hay baler to pick up.

It is hot work.

Going round and round the field.  Mowing and teddering.

Doing the "Dance of the Deeres."

And will you look in that cab and see who is doing the mowing.

A woman at the wheel.

Surprised ?


  1. Well there you are wow! What great pictures of Vermont.Looks like Heaven to me.