Friday, June 3, 2011

Celebrity Paddling

This year, our newly formed, Rural Vermont CowYak Club has decided to paddle lakes, ponds and streams where celebrities live anonymously.

This afternoon we kayaked the hidden pond where Liv Tyler lives.

The day was full of weird weather.    The wind was blowing and the skies were dark.   A few drops of rain would fall and then stop. The water was warm but the air was a cold 49 degrees and I had shorts on and goosebumps.

A new member had joined us for this paddle so extreme caution was taken.

We stayed close to shore as we paddled and kept an eye to the sky incase of lightning...or tornados.     Just south of us there was a tornado that damaged an entire town and 2 animal shelters in Springfield Massachusetts.
Watch the video of the twister picking up the Connecticut River!

This pond was small with many areas to pull out if we needed to.

There was lots to see: beaver lodges, muskrat lodges, unusual beaver work, wildflowers and great views of the areas farms and mountains.

Around every small turn in the pond there was something unusual.

This tree was a bit spooky.

I saw several faces in that tree.  Do you see them ?

If the wind wasn't throwing my boat towards shore I would of taken better photos.
I plan on returning when there is actual sunlight at this pond.

Here is another tree with a face.  Look towards the bottom.

When I approached this building I thought it might be a collapsed outhouse.

   And then for one split second I thought the box shape was a coffin. 

I think the spooky trees really got my mind wonky. 

Never would of suspected it was a boathouse. 

With an ancient, hand made wooden boat inside. 

At the next inlet there was this very hidden cabin.

I didn't even see it until I was 30 yards away.

It was totally surrounded by trees.

The cabin was lopsided, but cute and usable by my standards.

Since the majority of our CowYak Club members are farmers, this dock had us pointing and admirering.

Recycling at its best.

These are 2 iron wheels from an ancient wagon or tractor.

I think they came from a horse drawn manure spreader.

There was lots of old fencing sitting in the fields.

The grass was long and wavy and begging to be cut and baled!

This was a nice relaxing, stress reducing 2 hour paddle.

It was cold, cloudy and a bit windy in some parts BUT it was 100% bug free!!!


Next week we are kayaking the pond where "Ellen" just purchased some property.

Interested in joining us?


  1. Beautiful pictures...thanks for the tour!

  2. I loved your pictures. Those trees were spooky, Thanks alot!!!!

  3. Oh my gosh... it took me the WHOLE STORY before I figured out the COW YAK Club!!!!! :-) Great pictures... I'm scared of water but it looked like fun!