Friday, June 24, 2011

The Best Dressed Scarecrow

The scarecrow contest is heating up.  Competition is getting tough, but there are not many submissions.

 I decided I needed to make another entry to get folks motivated to make a scarecrow.

So last week I went to 2 thrift stores and came home with 5 beautiful outfits for my scarecrow.

I don't even have 5 complete outfits for myself!!

Most of the shirts and the swimsuit still had new tags on them!

And I somehow coordinated the outfits.  I can hardly dress myself, yet I was able to really get some great color cooordinated clothes for a cedar post! 

A dear friend lent me her real grass skirt from her Hawaiian trip and I added a Hawaiian shirt, swimsuit, habiscus flower and sun hat to finish off the post and turn it into "Hula Hannah."

So, what do you think ?

Any suggestions for more accessories ?

Mavis thinks Hannah needs to be "watched."

I am going to try the other 4 outfits on the scarecrow later in the week.

Today, all the neighbors were driving by slow and looking at my latest garden creation.

The local Chamber of Commerce has been inspired and they are going to do scarecrows in the fall outside of their businesses.


  1. Perhaps you have found a new calling.

  2. We have lots of crows but no garden to protect from them. But I love scarecrows. I think they should be stuffed with straw though like in the Wizard of Oz. They don't really scare away birds do they?