Thursday, June 23, 2011

Barns of June, 5

Traveling the back roads of Vermont can be hazardous since many roads were washed out last month in the big floods.   I have to do alot of "drive by" photo taking of barns as I have to pay attention to the road as I drive.  Really.  I do.

Here is a barn.

Here is the road near the barn.

A collapsed wooden silo and a sinking barn roof ridgeline with wooden supports under the beams to keep it from all falling down.


Buttercup calves


The end of a great day in Vermont


  1. Ok, you need to publish a book of your Vermont barns. You are a great photographer! It makes me want to travel there.

  2. These are simply wonderful photos. I love the one by the water and also the silo with the vines climbing up it.t

  3. Janis I love barns and it makes me wish so much I could visit Vermont, What a lovely place.