Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chore Hounds

I did some farm sitting this weekend at a friends farm and had the pleasure of watching Mavis run around with Queenie, the resident Border Collie.  The 2 of them had their paws full, keeping an eye on me and all the livestock on the farm.

They protected me from giant turkeys, prevented hens from escaping the big coop and escorted me to other parts of the farm to check on the other birds and beef herd.

Queenie was really generous in showing me which chores were done first.  She has been a hired hand here at this farm for 5 years and knows the routine well.  I was surprised she accepted Mavis and I so readily.

In between the tasks, the 2 dogs romped and played in the heat of the day.

They drank out of the water buckets I constantly filled for birds and dogs.  Every so often the barn cats would venture from the barns to see what the black and white blurs of activity were.

The collies chased each other around fields and barnyards, around trees and gardens.
They stalked squirrels, chipmunks and birds.

At the end of the day both of them were worn out and happy.

Mavis has a farm friend.  How cool is that?     Happy dogs.

What kind of chore hounds do you have?


  1. I have the assistance of 3 German Shepherds. If a chicken gets loose they herd it to me or do a stop and hold for me. If a rabbit gets loose one of the will pin it so I can grab it. When Tom turkey gets too belligerent my male will have a little discussion with him. My dogs also chase deer from my garden area and convince them not to be quite so brazen about grazing on human food. Not to be outdone by the dogs, my Maine Coon Cat keeps us pretty rodent free.

  2. We have two labs...who do nothing but lay around all day in the holes that they've dug in the yard...or lay on the porch...or in front of the barn fans...or chase cats! :)