Friday, August 3, 2012

Fair Daze

I have been haunting all the cow barns at all the fairs in the area.

All the participants, both humans and livestock, are exhausted.  All the days are melding together into one big daze.      I have seen many farm families in the barns with bloodshot eyes from the early morning chores at home and then a fast ride to the fair to do chores here too.

Everyone is sleep deprived.  Including the cows.

These three beautiful young Jerseys are getting ready for some serious napping.

In all the barns, many of the cows and dozens of 4H'ers were taking power naps before their next events.

In the crafts barn I found many lovely ideas for flower arrangements.  I plan on copying this idea very soon!

Several more fairs left to visit and hundreds of cows yet to be met.

Seen anything really interesting in your neck of the woods?


  1. I love Jersey cows, I think they have the sweetest faces and most expressive eyes. I cannot wait for fair season, it is one of my favorite fall outings. Greetings from Maine, Julie.

  2. Hi Janis, love looking at the cows, those eyes. Not to much happening in this neck of the woods, rained tonight, yey!!! Enjoy the weekend, Francine.

  3. I love fair season! Ours will be at the end of September...such a fun place to spend time, catching up with friends, watching the kids show their animals, and of course eating lots of good food! :)

  4. I grew up in eastern NY farm country and every Labor Day weekend most of my friends lived at the Schaghticoke Fair with their cows. They slept on bales of hay right next to their cows. I envied them so much.