Monday, August 13, 2012

Fowl Females in My Life

In March I transported 5 of the 7 Silver Appleyard ducklings, that I had picked up from the breeder, to a woman who had a bad snail problem in her garden. Similar to me the snails had decimated her vegetables and all her perennial gardens.  The 7 "poopsters" spent 2 days at my house and I got to pick the ones I wanted.   Well... I thought I did, but the morning I had to separate them I discovered that the 2 smallest ducklings would be crushed by the biggest ones during transport and would always be in competition with them for food.  So I did the "right thing" and instead of keeping 3 of the largest ducklings I kept the smallest 2 ducklings and sent the 5 big ones to Karin.

Last week I got to visit with Karin's Quack Pack.

And let me tell you how absolutely beautiful and friendly these ducks are!
They followed me everywhere and stayed by my side when I sat down.  They nibbled my ankles and "talked" to me the entire time.   They are a riot to watch.   And guess what the genders are?????
FOUR FEMALES and a male named Elvis.   Karin won the lottery!

She calls them her Fab Five.

She will be up to her neck in eggs come September.

At least she won't have to do any match making.......

I am still waiting for a female Appleyard duck, or two, to show up in my coop.

By next spring I will be getting a few more ducklings and probably enlarging the coop.....

These ducks are addictive.

Have you got a few handsome snail-eating ducks in your life?

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