Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Cow Wash

Its Fair Time!!

I have attended a few of the local fairs and have been watching the 4H livestock shows.

My favorite place to hang out is at the cow wash racks.

So many things to hear and see here.

I firmly believe that championships are won and lost at the wash racks.

The 4H attitude is so evident at this location.   Kids share their favorite shampoo, hoses, helpful hints and sponges.   All the training, time and effort that went into preparing their bovine for the show is proven here, behind the barn at the rack, out of the public eye. 

This is the 2nd last step before entering the show ring.

Next step is drying the calf and final grooming for both cow and 4H'er.

4H shows are wonderful to watch. The judges are considerate and informative and really explain their reasons for placement of the animals.  Some judges actually show the kids how to set up their animals or groom them better.  4H judges are never in a rush and really spend time with each class that they judge.

Take a look at the your local fair's schedule of events and make time to watch a 4H show.

What fairs are going on in your area?  Know any 4H'ers?


  1. I showed as an FFA student a few years ago; I showed breeding ewes and beef heifers. You are right grooming can knock you down a spot or boost you near the top. We had an arsenel of things we used: hair sprays to hold the shape of the pouf ball made with the cows swatch, pink oil to make thier coat shiny and healthy looking, shoe polish to brighten hoofs. The list goes on. Livestock showing is one of the most dedicated events a kid and parent can participate in, the kids learn discipline and responsibility & parents learn how to work with their child in a productive manner and share great stories in the washracks. Showing meant so much to me it was even my first blog post:

  2. Our fair, celebrating our anniversary each year, is the Franklin County Fair in Greenfield, Mass. (This year will be #38)

    I was in 4-H from the time I was 9, but it was a horse club. We still did the washing and cleaning. I had a Pinto pony with a lot of white on him. I used bluing to get the green manure stains out.

    We still walk through all the animal and poultry barns each year. But the 4-H part of the fair has been separated from the main fair for decades now. It is held in July, the main fair the weekend after Labor Day.