Friday, August 17, 2012


Raise the flags!!

My 6 pullets left me 6 eggs!!!

ALL in the nest box.

It was a thrill to finally go out in the morning and find them all in 3 nests.

Happy Happy Happy.

What a gift and what a great breckfast!

Are your chickens making you breckfast?



  1. Congratulations! They're lovely eggs, too.

  2. Mine are finally laying again. After several times of a low of 2 for 16 birds, we are up to 6-9 for 16 birds. This is still a pretty poor showing and we've not decided if they get a reprieve until October and the new birds lay, or not. It will mean maintaining 2 pens for another month...

    But breakfast is 2 fried eggs in organic butter with a slice of raw milk cheese melted on top. A small bowl of kefir cheese made with homemade celery salt, chives and sliced almonds. A small bowl of frozen wild blueberries with raw milk. Yummm!!

  3. Beautiful eggs! There's nothing better than fresh ones for breakfast.