Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Grass Heads

When I move the herd to a new field in the morning, its a stampede to get thru the gate.
They see me drive in and they all head in the direction of the new field that they know they are going to.

Then the moms start yelling for their calves to get up and come to them.

It gets noisey for 15 minutes.

As I drop the zip fence and start reeling it up, the herd runs through.

The calves are by their mothers sides and usually run in first.

As sooon as they get to the new field they start grazing.  The only sound is that of grass being ripped up and the swishing of tails.

With the recent rains the grass is again lush and the clover is coming up again.  The smell of the clovers sweetness permeates the air.

Its a great way to start the day.

How do you start your day?


  1. I love watching cows go to pasture, especially when they know it's something new or special. We say it looks like Jim is the Pied Piper, with the cows all following him eagerly as they are led to a new place. Your cows and calves look very content!

  2. I start my day in my garden and with my chickens- helps me get the proper perspective before I head off to a fairly mundane office :)