Friday, August 24, 2012


I have so many eggs I don't know what to do.  6 eggs a day piles up very fast.

I have been giving them to local families that need food and to some lucky visitors.

A friend came and used peppers, chives, beans, carrots, corn and peas from my garden and stirred up the most delicious quiche I have EVER had.

It was florescent when it came out of the oven and made the entire house smell fabulous.

The plan is to make 8 more next weekend and freeze them for winter (which is fast approaching) and keep making them as the eggs keep coming.

There is no doubt, Eggs from free range chickens are far superior to anything in a grocery store.

Plus every carrot, every bean, every pepper had an incredible flavor.

Fresh from the garden makes a difference.

Such flavor!

Foods without bar codes are delicious and nutritious!

Whats your favorite recipe for an abundance of eggs? 


  1. How delicious this quiche appears. I definately would freeze them, just think how delicious the quiches will taste on a cold winter's day. I have three neighbors who I supply eggs to, when I have an abundace I usually make a pound cake. Have a lovely weekend, Julie.

  2. Do you and your friend share recipes?! :)

  3. Super ( Arumai in our Tamil language)

  4. 1 part waterglass to 11 parts water. :))

    My first year I was getting up to 19 eggs a day. I put 23 dozen down in waterglass to store. They stored perfectly for 8 months.