Friday, November 9, 2012

Chelsea, Vermont & Justin Morgan

Before the big storm came I had to do some work in Chelsea Vermont, a place I had never been to before.

I will give you all a quick tour so you will recognize a few places should you ever go visit.

There are no easy ways to get to this hidden place. I had to drive over a few mountains, with wonderful views and interesting wildlife.  Some of the roads to get here are unmarked.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw this sign when I came down the rural road into the tiny village.

I drove by it and then turned around because I initially thought it was just a welcome sign with a horse on it and then "something" told me to go take a closer look.

I am glad I did.

I was unaware that the First Morgan, Figure was buried in this tiny place.  I know that Justin Morgan is buried in Randolph Vermont and am perplexed why they were not buried closer to each other.

I do not know exactly where his grave is, but I will find out and return. 

I also wonder where Figure was born.  Anyone know?

 As I headed towards my destination I got to see several unusual signs.  Wish I had one of these.

I love  rural old country stores.  When I have more time to spare I would like to go inside get something to eat.

There are some really scary houses surrounding the village green. I had to take a few photos.

If I didn't know better I would think I was in Salem, Massachusetts.  Same kind of old old old houses.

Yes, the houses date back to the 1740's.

 There is a nice bakery by the green with some interesting decorations.

As I left town I ended up in more interesting places.  You won't find these villages on any Vermont map.

 Population: 9.

There are hillside farms along the way.

Waiting for someone to come along and bring them back to life.

Many pumpkin patches along the way selling the giant orbs on the honor system.

Lots to see in the villages surrounding Chelsea as well.


  1. Hello Janis......wonderful post.....sweet little village......Thanks for sharing......Blessings Francine..

  2. Great photos! And how wonderful to find where Figure was layed to rest

  3. Justin Morgan sold Figure, which probably explains why they were not near each other.

    One of my favorite Christmas gifts as a child was a Marguerite Henry book. This one is the Morgan story:

  4. Here are some pictures of where the real Justin Morgan horse is buried.