Monday, November 26, 2012

Name This Heifer

Its been a very busy year and I have still been unable to name this last heifer.

The mother of this heifer is a traditional Red and White Simmental named Google and the dad is a muscular Polled Hereford, named Rollo.

She belongs to the maternal "G" line of females that I like.

I have had an uncountable number of these fertile, productive, calm females over the years.

So of course, I have run out of decent G names.

I actually recently named her sister Glennora. ("Glennie").

I like those Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Swiss,  names.

But I am plum out of ideas for this solid looking girl.

Please contribute your best G Names in the comments section.

Be creative.

I would really like to have a name for this keeper by Christmas.

Think it can be done?

If you have any questions about this heifer, or the herd, also ask in the comments section and I will answer, in the comments section as well.


  1. How about Gaira, Glynnis, or Gwennan? All are celtic female names. Good luck, I know picking a name you think suits an animal is extremely hard.

  2. Ok, here's a few: Glenda, Gisela or Giselle, Greer, Gretta. Good luck naming!!

  3. I just shared the photo with my 4 year olds - this is what we came up with: Glinda (the good witch from Wicked), Golly, Gretchen (my name), Gee, Gudny (Swedish), Greta. Not sure what G names you've used already. Looking forward to hearing what you come up with.

  4. Hi, just stopping by for a quick glance.
    How about " Grainne" or "Grania" -Irish from grain or corn.

    Beautiful animals!

  5. Hi - we have just gone through a 'G' year with our UK herd of Limmies. Some of the names we used were -

    Grace, Gracious, Ghirl, Gaelle, Greta,Giselle,Goldie, Gina, Glory, Gloria

    Hope this helps

  6. Georgia, Gabby, Girly and I'll try to think of some better ones.

  7. I'm not very good at creative names but I can recognize a nice top line. She should become a good producer for you.

  8. What a cute girl! How about one of these names - Gael (Irish), Gillian, or Genevieve?

    Found you via The Chicken Chick :)


  9. Its nice to know we all think alike.
    Here are the G names I have already used:
    Grace, Gwen, Greta, Giselle, Gillian,Glory, Glenda, Gina, Gabby, Gail, Glennie (GlenNora) and a dozen more that I can't remember right now. So keep your name ideas coming. I don't want to resort to looking in those "name" books, I would rather have a real suggestion. Anyone have a river near them with a G Name? Scottish rivers? Irish rivers? Get your travel photos out and see what begins with a G. I appreciate you all trying to name this girl before December 25th!

  10. What about Gigi, Gem or maybe or Giggles or Goofy

    Found you thru the Chicken Chick!

  11. Gauja (gow-yah) is a river here in Latvia.
    It is known for its Devonian sandstone cliffs (Celtic time period). This area was also known as the Livonian Switzerland.

    A famous Latvian also named the river that feeds into the Angel Falls in Venezuela, Gauja.

    I was also wondering how you pronounce your name-with a hard "j" or with a "y" sound. Janis (Yawn-iss) is the most common name for men here.

    If you would like more info (on the correct pronunciation), just google "Gauja National Park". It is a beautiful area!

  12. She is beautiful! I think something simple like Gracie or Giselle.

  13. She looks like a Gemma, Gilda, or Grainne (apparently said "Grawn-ya"). She's looks so sturdy, but if she's really tough, maybe she's a Gunna. :) Be sure to let us know what you decide!

  14. How about Guinevere, like wife of King Arthur? Genevieve? Gigi, Georgia, Georgina, Gabrielle, Gaia, Gardenia, Geranium, Ginger, Glynnis, Gretchen?

  15. I think Googles daughter should be Giggles!

  16. Golly, Gem, Gracious, Gallatin, Goody, or Gin.

  17. Gouda. A delicious cheese! A beautiful heifer!