Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meals on Wheels

If you ever want to get a herds attention in the winter months, jump on a tractor and start it up!!

Early mornings have been exciting this week.  The cows are now done grazing the lush fields and are now back in the barnyard for the winter.  Hay is being brought to them every morning.

As soon as I get on the tractor, the herd gets up from where they were sleeping and walk over to their breakfast table.

They watch as I drop the electric fence, fork up the hay roll, cut off the white plastic and drive to the hay rack.

The cows know the routine and don't crowd the tractor OR the hay rack.  They are very patient.

 Well.......most of them are.

Gracie likes to "taste" the bale to make sure its good quality.

Once I drop the roll in the hay rack I have to unravel the plastic net on it, which takes me 2 rotations of walking around the rack and pulling the wrapping off.  The cows stand back and wait for me to pull it off, then they walk in and start munching their breakfast.

There is nothing as happy as a well fed cow.

Except a well fed steer!

Anybody feeding hay yet ?


  1. love your beautiful cows.

  2. Hi Janis,
    I saw your comment on another bloggers page from the Homesteading Barn Hop, so I stopped over to look at your blog--love your adventures and pictures! I live in Massachusetts, so we are practically neighbors! I really enjoy your blog and have signed up to follow you! Would love for you to stop by my site as well..