Saturday, November 10, 2012


This summer I became a volunteer photographer for the town's 250th celebration that is coming up next year.

I was continually given photo assignments all over the area.  Historic houses, barns, monuments, livestock, people, and out of the way scenic hidden places.

I needed a driver as I did not know where some of these hidden treasures from by-gone days were located.  
One day my driver and I were confused over some directions to an ancient Vermont barn that had been taken down, moved and rebuilt in New Hampshire (shocking!!).

We were driving at a good clip while exchanging barbs about who has been getting lost the most on these back roads when all of a sudden we almost drove over a bunch of geese in the road.

They never moved.  Didn't even twitch a muscle.   Fearless.   They were big.

As I started to get out of the car to swish them out of the road, they started to get up.

Thats when I heard more noise over on the other side of the road.

It was another gaggle of geese watching this entire scene.

 They soon all zoomed over to the car as I exited it.

I moved out of the way as they came over to check out the vehicle and harass the driver for interrupting their afternoon nap on the road.

 As I laughed, yet another group came out from the other side of the road and started meandering up the road ahead of us.

 Then another group came out single file from the barnyard and headed up the road.

 Before long the road was full of honking, waddling geese heading North.

 I was so dazzled by the sight of so many geese I forgot to keep taking photos.

As more geese filled the road, the farmer came out to move the geese and apologize for the traffic issue.  As we chatted another car drove by and 2 geese chased it.

I learned that 6 of these geese were being driven down to Martha's Vineyard to appear in a commercial the very next day.  They get to ride on the ferry and everything. Lucky ducks, er geese...

Ironically, I saw a small flock of ducks under the tree behaving and minding their own business and thought I saw a Silver Appleyard duck.  I mentioned the similarity to my ducks and guess what?  It IS a Silver Appleyard duck and the farmer wants to get about 50 Silver Appleyard ducklings next spring.   
We chatted some more.  
I have a new friend.
I'm going back when I figure out how to get there.

Getting lost has its advantages.


  1. Hello, what a great it, they sure were not afraid of the vehicle, great looking geese though......Blessings Francine.

  2. Bakc roads are the greatest. They hold adventures and geese. It's a wonder they didnt bite your tires. Geese are pushy creatures. Lovely photos.

  3. My goodness! those were beautiful geese!

  4. I do love geese! Mine are pretty good at staying in the barnyard. If they do come out in the driveway, I just have to tell them to get their goose tails back where they belong and they go waddling back to where they belong.

  5. Your post reminded me of a home health nursing visit that I made quite a few years ago to a very rural home. Instead of watch dogs, they had "watch geese"! I had to get the owner to calm them down so I could get past the hissing creatures and into the house to do my nurse visit!

  6. What a wonderful side trip! It was such fun to see all your geese photos.

  7. Oh my gosh how funny. I love all kinds of animals. Very fun photo's.
    I love your naught geese caption. I linked too.
    Come by and see me,

  8. Must have been a geese convention or something. I guess they had a lot to squawk about ... Ha! =>

  9. Think they were geese with attitude

  10. Isn't is wonderful to experience something like this. Geese are very brave little fellows (and gals). They can even be good little guard geese. They put up quite a fuss if they don't like someone. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Wonderful photos and such a great story ~ for N

  12. wow that's as many geese as we have deer roaming our backyards and Australia Kangaroos in theirs...

  13. HAH! Sometimes getting lost is a good thing. I should know, I do it about once a week...

    great shots...

  14. Oh my geese! This is such a fun post :)


  15. This actually made me shiver a bit!

    I've been attacked by a goose or two in my day.

    Didn't like it so much.

    It's much niftier to see them from afar for me, personally!

    Thanks for a neat link!