Friday, November 23, 2012

The Day After

Hope you have all survived the traveling and the big family get togethers of yesterday

We are still eating squash and pumpkin here that I harvested from the garden a month ago.

I also have lots of leftovers from several Thanksgiving celebrations that I shared with the flock this morning.

First one hen stated picking out the pumpkin seeds that she loves and then the rest of the flock ran over.

The two well mannered drakes stood nearby and allowed the ladies to dig in.

 For some reason the blondes were allowed to eat first.

 Then the brunettes came up to the plate to dine.

The boys continued to stand as sentrys and watch the girls pull out their favorite treats.

They are the most patient fowl that I have.

The sun is still shining, a soft breeze is blowing and its very hard to believe its almost December here in Vermont.

I do hope this weather continues!

Is the sun shining where you are?

What thanksgiving treats did you bestow upon your flocks and herds this week?


  1. Hi Janis, what a well mannered flock you have. My girls have been feasting on squash too. Another lovely day here in Maine, still finishing up yard work, filled the bird feeders and washed the windows. Must take advantage of these late fall days, winter will arrive before we know it! Have a lovely weekend, Julie.

  2. With DH sick on Thursday, we postponed Thanksgiving to today. The usual treats are squash remains and meal worms. But I no longer raise mealworms and squash isn't on the menu. So I will have to think about what to give them.

    We do a non-traditional meal, as none of us like turkey much. This year the emphasis is that it come from our farm or very local. The exception is scallops, for the bacon wrapped scallops we adore and an orange for the relish.

    It looks like beef tenderloin/rib steaks, our potatoes and gravy, cranberry relish, rolls, stuffed celery, eggnog, and not decided on veg yet.