Monday, November 12, 2012

Errand Day

On my way to recycle with my 2 weeks worth of empty milk jugs, yogurt containers, miracle whip jars,  assorted other cans, paper and plastic I saw this old barn. I really wished I could rent this barn and fix it up before it falls down.
 I get a sad feeling when I see these once majestic barns falling into disrepair.  One heavy snow storm and this barn will collapse.

This village is populated with thrifty Scots and nothing is ever tossed, everything is recycled including broken post hole diggers.

Like the Doors of Dublin there are many colorful doorways in my village.

I love carved pumpkins and there are hundreds all over town.

I stopped at my local thrift store to see if I could find some warm turtlenecks to replace my 15 year old Lands End ones that have sadly disintegrated this month.  I didn't find any, but I did see this happy scarecrow and was tempted to buy him and put him on the chicken coop.  (I controlled myself..)

After my turtleneck search, I walked over to the library for a welcoming party for the new librarian.  Everyone brought food and smiles.  The place was humming with chatter and laughter.  I met new people and got a tour of parts of the library I had never seen.

The definition of "rural" is being able to bring your dog with you anywhere you go, and this event was no exception. 

After enjoying Danish fluffy pastry and scones, I headed over to my favorite farm stand to buy a gallon of raw milk so my kefir stays happy.

I love unusually shaped vegetables and at the register I saw this very romantic potato: 

Have you had any funny looking vegetables in your garden this year?

The woman at the register asked me if I wanted a few mini pumpkins as they were giving a truckload of them away, so I grabbed a bagful for my hens to eat.

On my way home I drove up a different road by the farm stand and found another well used barn.

 I think the first floor has been made into living quarters and the rest is being repaired and renewed.

If taken care of, these well built barns will last another 100 years.

With a few more days of Indian Summer, many herds are still grazing the hillsides.

Some are getting "Meals on Wheels" delivered out to their pastures.  Lucky cows.

These are the cows that make the milk that I buy, raw, and make my delicious kefir with.

There is so much cream in their milk that I am drinking more tea than normal just so I can enjoy the cream.   Will be making some chowda this week using a lot of the creme that way too.

Speaking of Kefir......

A local dairy is now making kefir.

At our garden club meeting last night everyone brought snacks.  It was an international feast.  We had figs from Saudi Arabia, avocados from California, black bean and corn salsa from New Hampshire and Kefir from Vermont.  A home made batch of kefir came to be taste tested against the store bought kind.   Both were extremely different from each other.  I mixed some fresh apple cider with some kefir and was thrilled with the tasty adventure.   Try it.

I never know where my errands will take me or what I will find. Today was a really great one!

So, how was your most recent errand day and what kind of adventures did you have?

Who among you is making kefir and what do you like to mix it with?

If you are buying kefir, what kind is your favorite and why.

( I like Safeway brand Peach and Raspberry)


  1. I don't know what Kiefer is. Yogurt? Of course those jerseys have milk with lots of cream. My husband grew up on jersey dairy. Errands. None. I worked today. Love the meals on wheels; very clever.

  2. Regarding store bought kefir, be aware it's made from pasteurized milk, and only has a very few probiotics compared to raw milk homemade kefir which can have up to 40 different probiotics.

    Also be aware that kefir is a fermented food, and adding anything with sugar will greatly raise the alcohol content.

    I make my own kefir from Ayrshire raw milk. As I don't care for kefir to drink, I make cheese from it. Current flavor favorite is homemade celery salt, my own chives and sliced almonds.

    Last errands trip (first one in many months) was to BJ's for cleaning supplies and personal care stuff (and cat food), Lowe's for full spectrum light bulbs and Sears for vacuum bags.

    I buy in bulk and only shop a few times a year.

  3. I have to agree with you on the sadness of seeing these majestic old barns falling into disrepair. When I drive around my old stomping grounds in upstate NY I'm always saddened at the barns I remember being beautiful and used caving in.

  4. beautiful old barn..enjoyed the pictures...and the "romantic potato" made me smile :D

  5. The barns are fantastic & I'm so glad to see the one is being restored... keep us updated on that beauty, won't you?
    The other barn looks intriguing, the kind you wanna get inside & explore from top to bottom!
    I love the post hole digger mailbox post, that's really thoughtful & creative

    Thanks so very much for joining =)

  6. ps i just wanted to add that I know what you mean about the sadness when seeing run down old barns... I wish all barn owners would take care of them! =0

  7. That second one is lovely. I'd renovate it and live it in too.