Saturday, November 3, 2012

Skeleton Crew

My co workers surprised me with a special present on the morning of Halloween.

I quickly put him to work at my desk. 

He did a great job.

I worked him to the bone and then took him out to eat.

Friday I put him in my vehicle and headed home.
I got some weird looks at the gas station and on the highway.
With the 3 person mimimum to get into NY after Sandy, I thought he would come in handy if I got deployed with my disaster team to that area.
This morning I had some errands to do and opened the door to get in when Mavis leaped into the front seat.
I had forgotten about my Friday passenger.
Mavis gave him the typical greeting.

The she asked me to remove him from "her" seat.

After I bounced Mr Bones to a different location, she grabbed her elephant and took a nap in the front seat.

She really takes my strange activities in stride.


  1. That is just too precious! I bet you did get a few strange looks. So glad that you and your farm are okay!

  2. I love that picture of her struggling with her little elephant! What a sweet companion.

  3. Hi Janis, what a beautiful dog Mavis is. Is she a rescue dog? I like the backseat driver, Mr. Bones, I bet you managed to get a few "looks". Will you be sent to help those in need from hurricane Sandy? My son Tristan, is a utility worker for the power company. He and his crew finished up in Rhode Island and are now working in Long Island. They were welcomed by residents throwing eggs at them...I wish you well, Julie.

  4. Awww, she loves her elephant! How cute!