Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tyler's Big Day

Spring break brought decent weather and a high school freshman to my door.

Tyler volunteered to help me do some yard work and soon we were cleaning out the coop.

He came dressed to work, including his heavy duty boots so I gave him the special shovel and headed him to the hen house.

The entire coop was shoveled out and the heavy rubber floor mats were dragged out too!

Next we cleaned the nest boxes and took out the rubber mats while the red Meverette hen inspected our work.

Tyler said he "loved this."  He kept up a constant chatter with the chickens and asked lots of great questions about the coop design, the breed of hens, their names and what my plans were for the garden.

While we were busy cleaning the nest boxes, Ms Marilyn was looking for a place to lay an egg.

She jumped into the shavings bale and made a nest in case she needed it.

We hurried and prepared one of the nest boxes just for her and she obliged by laying a very large egg in it about 15 minutes after we completed it.

In addition to the coop cleaning we trimmed a large forsythia bush and raked up parts of the garden and lawn.  Tyler made light work of a few heavy jobs.

I sent him home with 24 seed starters that we planted with tomatoes and squash so he can start his own garden.  And the hens gave him a dozen eggs for a job well done.

When the truck load of composted cow manure comes, I will be calling Tyler to help me spread it on the garden and asparagus beds.     Should be a fun adventure.

Who helps you with your farm chores?
And do you pay them with food, products or cash ?


  1. Oh I really NEED a Tyler. With a smile to boot!

  2. It's so nice when you get that extra bit of help isn't it and it's even better when they show a real interest by asking questions.
    Thanks for sharing :)


  3. I could use him here to mow my lawns, trim my trees, pull weeds.

  4. I try to get TimeBank people ( ), I post on a local "Freecycle" style plant group and I am part of the WWOOF ( ) organization. I've also submitted a proposal to a local college for ag students who might want to learn on an organic, sustainable farm and gotten some help in exchange for teaching which they can use for academic credit. Plus I never say no to help offered.

    The TimeBank people receive hours they can spend on other services, the Freecycle group receive education, WWOOFers receive room and board, and other help is often paid with food barter.

  5. What a nice young man, love his smile and enthusiasm! Hubby is the only help around here and I wouldn't want to be without him! :)
    P.S. I pay him in food and kisses! LOL!!

  6. You blog is adorable! Newest follower here via the blog hop and I was kinda hopin' that you'd pop on by my neck o' the woods and like me back (if you like what you read!)

    Have a great weekend!