Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Barnyard & Backyard

Old barns and old barn hardware fascinate me.
I feel that every old barn has a long story to tell.
As I take photos, I listen.

Here are some photos of some tired barns.

Farmers are in the fields surrounding my home cutting the last crop of hay of the season.

The flowers, bushes and trees are showing their last bit of color before the frost takes it all away.

The asparagus beds are a lime yellow and green color. I love this.

Hundreds of bumble bees are getting the last of the nectar from my tall, beautiful dahlias.

3 days after the frost came i dug out the dahlas bulbs.

I only planted 4 this spring and dug up at least 120.

Is this normal ?

How many of you plant dahlias?
Anyone have those giant plate dahlias ?


  1. I loved looking at all your beautiful last moments of Fall. Sad how quickly the frost ends the last bits of Summer's beauty. The Wilamette Valley, where I live outside Portland, OR, has many Dahlias Farms and the soil is perfect for growing them yourself. Many of the farms that grow dahlias for wholesale garden shops, but they have festivals where you can walk through the fields with every kinds of beautiful dahlias know to man. If you don't grow your own, the farm workers will give some legnths of twine and clippers so you can walk through the field making your own cut bouquet of any color in the rainbow. Usually this adventure and large bunch of dahlias only costs a few dollars.
    The colorful landscape in front of your home is wonderful. I also love the bright green of the asparagus. I love to combine those shades of green with white hydrangeas. The combination of green & white always look so lovely to me.
    I have grown all kinds of dahlias, but no I do not think it is normal to get the number of bulbs that you did. They really must really like growing at your farm. If you plant even half of those bulbs you will have a whole field full of them in a few years & all for free! I used to think I was lucky if I got a couple of good bulbs from each plant, so you did great to get what you did.
    Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. I have always loved old barns. Driving around Oregon's back roads you often see them.
    There is a place here in Oregon called Swan Island Dahlias and they sell all sorts of dahlias all around the world. You can order through their website. They have enormous dinner plate dahlias.