Friday, November 15, 2013

Festive Table for Fellowship

It never ceased to amaze me whenever I go to church and head downstairs for Sunday fellowship and see an incredible display of food and fun.

 The colors...the details....

  the chocolate truffle.... with Halloween sprinkles!

Cupcakes, sprinkles and spiders.......oh my..

A good time is always had by all.

Its a great time to relax and really get to know the folks who come to church.
I think wonderful things happen during fellowship.
Its not really all about the food....

Thank you to everyone, everywhere, that contributes to their Sunday fellowship.
You really make a difference!


  1. what a wonderful table, i bet everyone enjoyed it.

  2. Look like a wonderful place for sweet fellowship...

  3. What a fun table of Halloween treats! You are right, it's not really about the food at all! :)