Monday, November 4, 2013


The weather and the views from the porch have been nothing less than spectacular.
I try to read my book of the week every afternoon for an hour or so and I get to observe nature at her best.

 The autumn foliage has been very colorful here, even when the winds came and whipped most of the leaves off.

Most mornings it is very foggy here. Not this morning, but there are all kinds of critters running out of the woods and across the fields this morning because the hunters are traipsing about with muskets and bows.

 I temporarily have the flock fenced into the garden in the early mornings so I can capture their manure and keep them safe during hunting season.  They free range once the fog has lifted and I can actually see what is running through the fields here.
One of my hens got snatched a few weeks ago and the rest of the flock stopped laying and have been reluctant to leave the side yard. I do not know if it was a fox, weasel or coyote.
However, the coyote population has increased dramatically over the summer.  Their howling is beautiful and dramatic, but it also has informed me of how many more of them there are now.

 Rainbow Swiss Chard.  It is delicious and I am still harvesting it.

I love the fire bush in the front yard.

 The sumac are a blaze this year and the seeds will feed the the robins in March.

When the flock stands under cover, it usually means the rains are coming.
Two pulllets are standing under a brussel sprout leaf.

 Clouds are moving in.

Yep, the flock is always correct. Here comes the rain.

And there goes my swiss chard. I guess the hens like it too.

 Its still pretty even after its hen pecked.

Have you got some color where you are ?


  1. Stunning autumn photos, beautiful property you have. Most of the leaves have fallen here after last weekends storm. Winter is on its merry way :)

  2. Sadly, just a bit of color remains in my neck of the woods...such intelligent chickens you have...

  3. I have posted my autumn colors on my blog. so enjoy them!

  4. you have wonderful fall colors! most of our leaves are gone now. hen pecked...hahaha! it sure is!

  5. Beautiful photos with lovely colours too ;-)

    Have a sproutastic week ;-)

  6. Beautiful color and the grass is still so green! Loved seeing the rain coming in. We are hoping for some maybe this afternoon...I hope, I hope!! :)

  7. It must be glorious to live on a farm. I live in a desert, and have a nice pack of coyotes around me. I encourage them to stay around as they keep the population of rats and mice down. If we had left the desert alone, and had not planted any trees, it would have looked much more blah than it does right now.

    Come on by and link up and see one of our desert creatures.
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