Sunday, November 3, 2013


In my recent travels, to South Ryegate Vermont, I found an old church that has been empty and abandoned for over 10 years.  It use to be a Methodist church, but with declining membership it closed.

This building is huge and beautiful.

Its one of a kind.  I have never seen one like it.

The birds love the belfry.

The paint and little details are charming and beconed me to take a closer look.

 A massive unique stained glass window awaits admirers.

How I wish someone would buy this property and bring it back to life.

Got any ideas ?
What kind of "second life" do churches on your area have ?


  1. Such a beautiful old church, how sad that it remains vacant...Perhaps, someday, the right person will come along and give it the attention that it deserves...

  2. I have seen people buy them and make them their homes!

  3. What a great old church! It is such a shame it is no longer in use. I hope someone does something with it too.