Wednesday, November 20, 2013


The maple on my front lawn has been in full color for more than a month.

 It held on to its leaves while other trees around it lost theirs.

Then after a rather windy rainy day, it lost all of its leaves in about 12 hours.

However, I discovered a very tiny nest on one of its outer limbs.

Can you see it ?

What kind do you think it is?

Now the mornings are freezing and foggy but the tree is still an amazing form to see to start my day.
I feel that it watches over us here on this rural road.  A silent sentry.

Do you have a special tree in your life ?
Are your mornings foggy ?


  1. I loved seeing your maple in all it's glory but it is very pretty in the fog too! I wish we had some fog here because then there would be moisture in the air! LOL!! We are supposed to get some rain this weekend...I hope, I hope!

  2. Might that be a Robin's nest? Your tree is lovely as well as your last two photos...

  3. What a gorgeous tree! I just love the bright colors. I'm always sad when the leaves fall, because it means the cold weather is coming. But then in the spring, it's such a welcome thing, to see the new growth once again.

  4. wonder if it is a squirrels nest??? My maples still have leaves.

  5. I love how you describe it as a sentry. There's a tree at my house that has some battle scars and nails in it. I put a planter around it and he seems much happier. It is a big fir tree.

    And there is a lone fruit tree in my garden that wasn't doing well at all when we moved in. I watered it every day with the rest if the plants and held the sprinkler hose high so the water would get all the leaves. Maybe itvwould feel likecrain to the tree in the middle of the hot sunny summer. It grew about 2 feet this year!

    Great post!

  6. Your pictures are fantastic!

  7. This photo was so beautiful I had to come over from LOBS and read your post. It's funny, but I think many of us have a favorite tree… one we look at and use as the backdrop for our daydreams. Something about a tree's constancy through the seasons is comforting.

  8. Beautiful photos. But I have to say this.... I LOVE your header!!! Those cows are beautiful!!! Visiting from Ladies Only this morning :) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  9. Oh Janis...I just dropped by your blog from Ivey & Elephants and I'm so glad I did! You have a beautiful blog and I just love your sweet cows! Your photos are just breathtaking. I see mountains in the background, which I am partial to. I am your newest follower :)