Sunday, November 10, 2013

How Now BROWN Cowz ?

I can not drive by a herd of cows and not stop.

This herd was grazing peacably on their hillside when I walked over to them.

Then the neighbor started mowing his lawn and their attention focused on him on his riding mower.

Some really nice Jerseys here.
This farm sells raw milk.

 Gaze and graze.

Then this brunette saw that Mavis was in my truck.

  and told the others....

 And a few more came down to gaze at the little dog in the front seat.

I was tempted to take this one home.
Nice udder attachment, great color, very friendly and looks intelligent.

 Now everyone wants Mavis to come out and see them.
(Mavis jumped into the backseat. We don't call her the "reluctant cowdog for nothing.."

 That aint a cow in the back row!

Watch the lawn mower....

Here is the unusual tall, chocolate cow.

 A very very old Morgan.

Back to Lawn mower watch....

  Back to Mavis...

Cows are easily distracted....

There are still more cows than people in my town.  I hope it always stays that way.


  1. I would kind of like to have a cow. Like, as a pet. I think they are so pretty and gentle. I am moving to Oregon next year, so maybe I CAN have one!

  2. They are so pretty, one doesn't see too many Guernsey and Jersey cows anymore... mostly just the Holsteins. In my humble opinion, the milk from the former are much richer in flavor than the latter...

  3. I love all these Jerseys! Just beautiful!