Monday, January 24, 2011

-38 degrees

At 3 am it was minus 38 degrees F.

At 7 am it was - 36 degrees F

I hope my truck starts.

Photos coming later if the camera does not freeze or stick to my fingers.

Later in the morning---
Of course my truck was frozen, my cell phone froze after 12 minutes, the water hose exploded and once I finally got my truck actually started and running I discovered the gears were frozen and I had to drive in first gear, slowly, for 5 miles.

As soon as I could, I got myself down to the farm to water the cows and see how they were doing.

Red Sox Faith, at 32 below, soaking up some sun:

No matter how cold it is, Jillian and her mom Wanda are always looking for their special treats.

The hay ring was rolled into the hoop barn on Saturday so the cows could eat in a little warmer location during this extreme weather.   It was a bit further to physically roll those 800lb rolls of hay to get them to the hoop barn.

I am still praying for a tractor to move the hay.

We have a "substantial amount" of snow coming Wednesday and it will be near impossible to roll the hay to the hoop barn if it gets any deeper than it is already.
For you new readers, please read about our barn fire in December.
The only tractor we had was destroyed.

As I headed to work I got to see other frosty cows out in their snowy fields eating their hay and soaking up some sun.

The famous round barn and their famous herd of Holsteins:

I hope you and all your animals made it through this extreme weather.

It will all be a very distant memory in July when it is 99 degrees.


  1. beautiful farm you have there! Love the pic of the frosty hair on your cow, we had the same on our alpacas where they were trying to keep their noses warm on each other. so cute!

  2. Ouch!! That is Alberta kind of cold! Stay warm!

  3. Awesome - hang in there. Extreme tempts of either direction really stress out our stock, no matter the species.

  4. The first night the wind blew the door loose on the west (windy) end of the barn. So it was pretty cold inside. The chicken waterer has frozen each night and gets thawed with a heat gun each morning. Then it's fine during the day.

    The door was repaired and it's not been so bad inside. The cows have been locked in at night, but are in and out all day as they chose. Their buckets are dumped and refilled several times each day.

    The tractor did not want to start the first day, but we were only -20F or so. It's not been so bad since then.

    Both wood stoves going here, so it's toasty inside.

  5. I hope you will be able to find a tractor soon!That has to be extrememly hard to get your hay where it needs to go. I could not imagine how cold it is there. BRRRRR!!!