Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blankets of Snow

The hay was a lot heavier and had to be rolled thru very deep snow to the cows yesterday.       The complications from the fire never seem to end.
Can't find a tractor to borrow and can not afford to buy even a plastic toy one.

The cows were walking glaciers yesterday.

Warm in their "blankets of snow."

Gizmo was looking at me for graham crackers, but I was out, out, out of them and my broken truck could not navigate the roads to get more.

I will be real happy when that dingle berry on him falls off.

As the snow storm raged on, my bird of paradise opened up.

A wonderful day, here in Vermont.


  1. Looks like a heavy snow ! Do you have a truck 4 wheel drive? Hubby rigged up bale roller with 6ft of 2 inch pipe ,attached 2 30ft cables and 2 shackles or clevis . If you wnat more info on how he built it ,I will try to get him to draw something and we can email it .

  2. We got 18" here and Taxi's son thought the blown snow from the snow blower was a great toy. He followed the snowblower all the way so the snow would fall on him.

    When David turned around and blew it into the big cows' turnout, Taxi was the one playing with it.

    Chickens are far less thrilled with the white blanket. Even though David clear a space for them in the pen, they complained about that nasty white stuff.

    The find a new truck races are on! So far, we are far from winning here. Hope you are having better luck.

  3. When my joker goes down, I use a couple of chains, put them around the bale and pull with the pickup truck. Works well as long as some of the snow has been plowed away and assuming you have a pick up truck. :) Rolling by hand, through that snow....a fella could get hurt.
    Your Bird of Paradise is beautiful.

  4. WOW! I wish I could help! Hugs!


  5. Hi, and thanks for visiting down South on my blog! I could go for an indoors farmers' market about now, since it has been really cold lately! Sure like those wooden bowls.