Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happiness and Comfort in a Box

Since the barn fire, I have received a few large boxes of chocolate to help ease the pain, complications and worry associated with that scary December event.
Each package is like getting a big hug.
Those little angelic gifts have put a smile on my face, a hop to my step and made everyone in town very happy.

Tonight I drove to the little village post office to pick up my mail before it closed.  I had been away all week at the Farm Show and have been unable to pick up any mail since last Friday.

I was pleasantly surprised when a large box was put up on the counter.

As always, the locals in line behind me wanted to know what was in the box.

I obliged and opened it.

There was a group "wowww."

I shared, as usual.

Generosity, in crisis, is not lost on us up here in the middle of nowhere.

I want to thank EVERYONE who said a prayer, sent a note of encouragement,
left a comment, helped me locate possible tractors, mailed delicious chocolate, offered to wash my laundry and sent me photos of their hay rigs.  It has kept me going.  And has definitely made my visits to the post office very exciting, and tasty, for the employees that work there.     Thank you friends, for everything.


  1. YAY FOR YOU!!!! I know this has been a horrible time, but you have been a inspiration to all of us.


  2. That was super sweet! What great friends you have :)