Monday, January 31, 2011

My Monday Morning Disaster....

Apparently the water heater decided to quit.

I got the biggest ice cube in town.
Probably won't thaw out til June

The water pump nozzle was frozen shut this morning too.
I was able to get it cleared out and working, but my fingers went numb doing it.

Then the hose exploded when I tried to fill the 10 gallon Tupperware container I rushed home to get.

I am always optimistic.  You have to be when you live in a state that is frozen 9 months of the year.

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing goes right?


  1. Oh yes, everyone has those days and they are even worse when it is freezing cold and you have animals waiting to drink. I cannot decide if the cow is annoyed or just thirsty. I'd vote for annoyed. We have--ha! my husband--has to keep his heated tank thawed for the one horse. cheers. ann

  2. Hugs! Its all I have , -35 C(-31F) at my side of the world this morning

  3. Boy have I. Here is hoping everything turns around and only good comes your way!


  4. Hi ...Thanks for stopping by the Palace post. Your blog looks fun. I am a true aniamal lover

  5. Sending *warm* wishes your way! It was 6 degrees this am but very very pretty and sparkly! We just put out extra round bales tonight. I sure have been there with the big ice cubes too... I'm very blessed that all heaters are working right this minute. But tomorrow's another day (of sleet n ice)!
    Stay snug,

  6. oh yes.. one of those days. hang in there baby, we're all in this together!

  7. You know I would love to come visit with you and your cows. I have always wanted to see Vermont. Just not in the snow. :) I would bring you lots of tulips though. :) You said in the above post, that you are frozen 9 months! Oh my gosh, that must be so hard, so you get spring, summer and fall in the other 3 months? Just looking at the frozen watering tanks, it makes me feel so soft and lazy. I complain about a frozen hose.
    Try and stay warm in the huge storm. My thoughts are with you today.