Monday, January 3, 2011

Tractors, Farms & Barns

A perspective of past and present.

And a few barns in the neighborhood

This one is for sale.  459 acres and 3 magnificent barns.  I went to look at it just so I could see the massive John Deere tractor.    Unfortunately, it wasn't the type we needed for moving hay.

If you use the big round bales and you have a tractor specifically for this use could you please list the type and model of your tractor in the comments section so I can broaden my search for a used hay mover. 
You may also email me any helpful tractor info, suggestions or photos at

Put TRACTOR in the subject line please.

Much appreciated.


  1. We have a John Deere 6300 with a loader and bale fork on it or also we have a Versatile 276 front end loader with a loader bucket and grapple .Our bales are quite large and we need that size to move them properly ,hubby says his little 1120 John Deere would likely manage your size bales , but it is not front wheel assist and not so good in deep snow or very hilly areas. does fine on hills where there is minimal snow , and great on dry ground (it would be fine with chains)Hope that is helpful

  2. Is that a joker (bug) in the first picture? That machine???? Just wondering. I have one that I use to move our big rounds. It doubles as a snowplow for our driveway.

  3. What part of Vermont do you live in Janis?