Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Blizzard of Free Fertilizer

Parts of Vermont will get 30 + inches of snow today,  and us farmers are wicked happy about this "gift" from Mother Nature.

There are many advantages of having a blizzard with lots of snow.

#1 Free fertilizer for farmers and their fields.
Snow has nitrogen in it and nitrogen makes grass grow and keeps cows happy and well fed.

#2  For a short time you can get a good idea of how a herd of Charolais would look in your field.

#3  Traffic on the road goes to zero.

#4  Hot soup and hot bread with cheese tastes better on a cold snowy day.

Because of this big storm, school may be cancelled, work may be cancelled, events may be cancelled and meetings are cancelled, but all farmers must feed, water and care for their livestock, regardless of the weather, 7 days a week.

Please remember that as you eat lunch.

Stay safe out there!


  1. Oh, Bless their hearts...they look soo cold.That bowl of soup got me thinking about making me some :) I hope you all stay safe while out doing your farm chores.

  2. Now that is a bad hair day!


  3. How I love the snow but sure know about frozen farm chores, ice breaking on the ponds and checking the water in the Hen Den often. It was nice when we got eletric heaters for the tanks.

    Good points to remember when we are snug in our homes and our animals depend on us. Hats off to the farmer, no vacations or snow days.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, good to hear from another kayaker, many are using them for fishing, lots of fun. I hope to hear more about your fishing trips.

    Enjoy the snow and soup,also your beautiful farmstead.

    tc linda

  4. I'm thinking this is going to be one well fertilized farm come spring! Amazing the weather beef cattle can handle.

  5. its snowed all darn day.. yuck! great reminder about the free fertilizer.

  6. Farming is hard work. I admire your work ethic. We got almost two feet in this last storm.