Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Snow & Books

Its been a week of frozen water pumps, leaking water tanks, broken trucks and lots of other complications.  I am glad the weekend is here so I can get caught up on work, errands and my own life.  

Being with my herd in the morning recharges my energy.

Its snowing steady here this morning and there will be a significant amount of snow dumped on us by Sunday night.   The cows quietly eat their breakfast as they become snow dusted and the calves get their warm milk from their moms.

The cows are all neatly lined up at the hay ring    The only sound I hear is the  munching of gentle beasts and the hay as it is ripped from the bale and into the the cows mouths..   The smell of hay, fresh snow and manure that permeates the air is one of my very favorite aromas.

The dignified old Jersey cow, Susan,  looks like a bronze statue as the snow paints her different colors as she chews her cud.

I picked up a book to read this weekend.  Lots of discussion about this book here in Vermont so I grabbed it this morning at the local village library.

Written about a town in Vermont by a Vermont farmer.  Its informative, funny and gives much insight into how to build a local food system.

Visit your local library and grab a few books, videos and magazines to make you laugh this weekend.  Its free!


  1. Don't you just love cows and libraries. Snowing, blizzarding here today. Brrr. A good day for a good book

  2. That snow is so pretty. We love the library. That looks like a great book. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.