Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snow Hay & Calves in Winter

The hay is lined up near the herd for easy rolling into their field and to their hay rack.    It all looked so different this morning.

Two of my last years calves are becoming bolder and are following me around.

The heifer, Jillian, (on the right) loves her cracker treats and has finally learned how to lick them out of my fingers.  She hears the wrapper crackling and trots on over to see if I am feeling generous with the treats.

Today, the young bull calf Gizmo came over and had a few small crackers as well.  This is the first time he has actually left his mothers side to come on over and have a "food adventure."

Next week I will resume introducing you to each of the herd, calves included, and continue telling you of the unusual relationship some of these bovines have.  Cow gossip.

Got a favorite cow on this blog you would like to know more about?

Light, soft snow flakes greeted me as I drove down the farm road this morning.
Nature's paintbrush at work on the hay.


  1. I am so sorry about this loss. I'm glad you are getting your self back again.