Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cooped Up

For 2 days the flock will not leave the coop.

I have thrown their favorite treats all over the garden and their other favorite places and still they won't come out and enjoy the day.

Granted, it has been snowing, but that should not deter them.

 The hens are content to sit on their perches.

They jump down to eat out of the feeder and then back up to their spot on the perch.

 The 2 drakes have been the most vocal.

They do all the talking and none of the walking!

They refuse to come out of the coop.

They jumped out 2 days ago and laid right down in the snow and then went back into the coop and that was it!

 Its the strangest thing. 

I have never had a winter phobic flock.

At 2pm I just shut the coop doors and said good night.

Its 3 pm, do you know where your birds are?

So please tell me, are your flocks walking outside in the snow, or is it just mine who are acting weird ?


  1. We don't have snow right now, but mine don't like it! The will go outside when it's raining, and even if it's really cold, but snow? No way! I've never figured that one out.

  2. It looks pretty cozy in there!

  3. My radar goes up when animals start acting weird...maybe there is gong to be a heap more snow than is expected.

  4. I guess your beautiful ducks and hens are absolutely content where they are. Loved your photos!

  5. Our birds dont really like the snow but they have to deal with it. I throw cracked corn out after I clear an area. They still have to go out. Hope they change their mind. Its gonna be a long winter birds.

  6. Ours will go out in snow, but we've not had enough in two years to CALL it snow!

  7. We are on our 5th mixed flock, this one all new birds. Every flock I've had refused to go out into the snow. This new one was no different.

    The one remaining old hen, Ernie, was delighted. It meant that no one would come out for their fish supplementation and she could eat it all!! (Those Barred Rocks are soooo independent!)

    Every year we keep most of the pen shoveled/snow blown and have stockpiled leaves to spread. It's supposed to hit the 50's today, so we won't bother. But for later storms, we will be clearing and spreading, so they will go out.

    At 70 sq. ft. our coop is far too small for 18 birds to be in there with not much to do. That's asking for trouble: picking, feather eating, bullying, etc.

  8. I usually put straw over the snow in their yard early on. As winter drags on, they get used to the snow.
    Are you sure they weren't scared by a predator such as a hawk? Mine will hang out in the coop for a few days after a hawk attack.

  9. My chickens seem to love the snow and will stay outside in sleet and freezing rain. I keep googling to see if they are dumb enough to freeze to death, but I haven't found an answer yet :-) Maybe my chickens really just enjoy this Maine weather! We will see when January comes if they are still eager to be out of the coop.

  10. Such a beautiful flock! The ducks look like they are smiling.