Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hay Dog !

It was 16 degrees this morning with a fierce wind, so it felt like -4 degrees.

Mavis had her thick farm jacket on so we headed down to the farm to water the herd.

When we drove into the barnyard the first thing we saw was a new delivery of big hay rolls.

Mavis started to do her happy dance in the front seat.

If there is one thing this farm dog loves, it is to run and jump up on the rolls.

 Of course she had to jump and run over all of them.

 If the wind had not been howling we would of curled up on the rolls with a good book and some cookies.

When it gets a little less windy we will do a picnic down here and enjoy the soft hay, the sun and the jealous looks from the cows as we snuggle onto the sweet grass.

Whats the most favorite think your farm dog likes to do?


  1. Great shots! I have an Australian Shepherd, which is a great working breed but we don't live on farm. :( We still work her, though. She's so smart. You have a gorgeous dog!

  2. my dog is not a farm dog. good thing because if she was, she would spend her days killing everything on the farm. not a good thing. not a farm dog!

  3. Oh that's funny...she did a happy dance when she saw the hay bales! Our kids like to jump on the wrapped bales too, jumping from one to another. Nothing makes our dogs happier than hanging out with us in the barn while we're milking!

  4. She looks like a brave dog!

    I enjoyed your post. Happy Tuesday. ☺

  5. Hi, I came over from Our World Tuesday. Love your blog and am following. Hope you will join me, too.

  6. You have a cute dog! It looks like you were blessed with a lovely day and clear skies. I am here from Our World Tuesday. I was looking for your post for that meme but couldn't find it so am commenting here ;-) Would love to have you visit my meme post. x

  7. wow...your farm looks beautiful! I love your dog...she is so pretty. I have dogs also and they absolutely love to run beside me on the atv and go to the creek at the back of our property. I became a new follower also. Have a great day!

  8. Cute dog and I love that first picture, looks like frosted wheat! :)
    Our big dog LOVES to go for walks out in the neighbor's cow pasture with us!

  9. Awe! Such a cutie. I miss our dog, she passed away last month. She loves to go to the farm and whenever the red farm truck is out, she knows exactly where we are heading- to the farm. :) I am your new follower via GFC via the blog hop.

    Adin B

  10. My pooch passed away last March, BUT I will never forget his "happy dance" he did whenever he saw me -- stepping his paws in place. I used to call him 'prancey paws' when he did it.

    Great dog photos!

    Happy Belated Friendship Friday.