Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Saturday Vermont View

There is another snow storm coming.   It is supposedly going to be a "mini Nor'easter."
Never heard of such a thing.   Supposedly going to get only 6-8 inches of snow this time.
The Weather Channel hasn't given it a name yet, which is a good sign, however, the animals and my old farmers joints, are telling me something different.

The sky is dark and every creature great and small are scurrying around to get food and drink before we get bombarded with another windy blizzard.

The third sign of deep snow coming: ....the cows were cranky this morning.   I won't elaborate.

Here are two of the better behaved ones--Google and her still un-named 2012 heifer calf.  I have been alternately calling her Gouda and Giggles.  Both names suggested from some really creative name suggestions in the comments section (thank you).  Which name do you prefer ? Got any other suggestions ?

I did errands this morning. Clicking my camera as I went.
It got darker and darker by the minute, so I rushed through my long list of tasks.
Chicken feed, chick starter, chick grit, salt blocks, parsnip seeds, dog food (big sale!) a veggie book that I didn't really need, but I saved so much on Mavis' dog food I figured it was a cheap bonus gift for my diligent task doing.  I need to grow more food this year than ever before, both in my own garden and in the community garden that a small group of us are trying to develop, so this book will be well used and well borrowed by all who need it.    Big print, simple diagrams and easy methods.   Anyone read this book yet ?

I continued on my errands, my headlights on and the snow coming down lightly at first and then bigger flakes greeting me as I drove by old farms and fields. 

I stopped at the neighboring town's library to see an amazing art exhibit (will post it next week!) and then took a long, slow ride home thinking the entire way about my storm plan and how I would do things differently for this storm.

When I arrived home it hadn't started snowing up on my mountain road yet.

The flock came out to greet me and demanded some snacks.

I dropped my camera on the ground as I was emptying out my truck with groceries and it took this pretty cool photo.

As I watched the flock I saw the snow clouds heading our way.

The flock started grazing what little grass and dirt the plow man had exposed last week, and got right down to business.

Ziva, the Alpha hen, demanded her favorite scratch feeds and some left over squash and cauliflower.

She walked me over to the front door of the house to make sure I went in and got what she wanted.

This hen is more demanding than the entire herd of cows.   I kid you not.

Inside my home the smells of freshly baked Vitality bread filled every room and corner.

Wonderful with a mug of hot tea and honey butter.

As I sat and enjoyed my tea and Irish Vitality bread I gazed out the kitchen window at the snow that had just started coming down gently.
 The flock was still power grazing and one of the many downy woodpeckers was enjoying the fresh beef suet I had hung up.

Most of the birds have already been here today and almost emptied out 2 of the bird feeders.

The woodpeckers come early and stay late, enjoying every morsel.

The big snow starts later tonight and by then, hopefully, every hungry creature up here in CowVille will have a full belly and be able to hunker down for awhile.

Hope you all fare well in this new storm.
Any predictions on snowfall ?

In response to your many requests for the bread recipe
The Vitality Bread recipe is here

We add lots of other ingredients like Vermont Maple Syrup instead of honey and potato flour (King Arthur) to make the bread denser and cut easier.

Its the potato flour that makes it Irish.

Let me know how it comes out for you!


  1. That bread looks wonderful and I love visiting your blog so much- your photos are beautiful.

  2. I guess after the last blizzard we got here in New England, you could call only 4-6" of snow a mini nor'easter!

    I am also trying to grow more food this year, not only for us but also planning the new school community garden. Today I am updating my seed database (149 different varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers) trying to figure out what to plant and creating my planting schedule.

  3. omg...that bread looks wonderful! can you share the recipe? no snow here...i wish!

    1. Here is the link to the basic recipe. We throw in all kinds of stuff in addition to these ingredients. If we run out of honey we use Vermont maple syrup (of course!) We also add some King Arthur's potato flour to really make it dense and it cuts better too.
      This bread is so darn delicious!

  4. I really enjoyed reading about your day, thank you for posting. What a lovely home you have :)
    I share your bossy, treat demanding hen suffering! :D x

  5. Janis.... I nominated you for the Liebster award. Read all about it on my blog .
    Your blog is one of my favorites!

  6. Oh how I loved your post today. It took me to another place and you described things so wonderfully. The photos were beautiful. I love hearing about everyones day to day life...the bread looks amazing! Thanks for sharing....:) I look forward to more...:)

  7. The birds always seem to know when bad weather is coming so they eat away.

  8. What great captures on a grey day!! Hey your drop photo was not bad!! Oh the bread looks divine! I will be over as soon as I can get there. Oh wait, Vermont is a long ways to go:(

  9. Beautiful photos! I found you on the Raising Imperfection party. My son is four, loves animals, and would love to be a farmer. He thinks that Fern might be a good name for the calf. Also, we were curious what is in the bird feeder that draws wood peckers?

    1. Suet. Beef suet is their favorite although they seem to like the lamb suet today. You can buy it at your local meat store. Most birds love suet. They need the extra calories during the winter. Love the name Fern!!! New calves coming in May, so remind me of this wonderful name suggestion.

  10. Wow! Fantastic shots ~ I in MA and as I look out the window it is messy snow and rain ~ You all look prepared for the storm ~ Springs coming ^_^ ~

  11. I envy you. Living in a city (Chicago) is a totally different life than where you are at. Are you on Facebook? I would really like to follow your blog. It's so cool.

    I found you through the Blog Hop. Take a look at my blog when you have a moment.

  12. I just put that Vertical Vegetables/Fruit book on hold at the library! Need some new ideas for our small yard space here in WI. I enjoy your blog so much, hope you stay warm & cozy in the storm!

  13. Beautiful photos! I love all of the great shots of the animals. Hope the snow is pretty but not too much of a pain. Thanks for sharing

  14. Simply wonderful!!

  15. What a great post, I felt like I was tagging right along with you! :)
    I do the double loaves of bread like that too and sell them individually at the Farmer's Market. People really appreciate the smaller size!
    I have never heard of Irish Vitality bread. Yes, please, a recipe please!!

    1. Here is the basic recipe:
      We add lots of other stuff to it and sometimes substitute ingredients. When we have no honey, we use Vermont maple syrup. Especially in March when the sugar shacks are all boiling down the sugar sap! If you like a really dense bread that cuts easily, use some potato flour. (King Aurthur's)
      This one of my all time favorite bread, next to home made rye and Syrian breads! Enjoy!

  16. Love the pics and your bread looks yummy!
    Thanks for sharing your talent on The Creative HomeAcre Hop!
    Our next party goes live Sunday morning at:

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