Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Un-named Heifer

I am embarressed to say that this wonderful  Simmental/Hereford heifer is still unnamed.   
I have looked at a thousand names and none seem to fit.

I am trying hard to find an appropriate "G" name, but over the past many years, and lots of calves, I have exhausted every decent G name.

So now I am going to show you a bunch of photos of this gentle, calm heifer in hopes that it may inspire some interesting name suggestions.

Here she is soaking up some sun with her mom. The cows take naps while taking advantage of the solar warmth during these blistery February days

A close up of our gal chewing her cud.

I am also talking to her and suggesting names to see if I get any kind of reaction.

The name Gardenia got this reaction...

Ginger ?  Giotti ?  Georgia ?

GleeMarie ?

 Gabriella ?    Gina.... Gael... Gilda, Gerda....

 Gladys...  Gypsy...

Gavinca...Gogi, GiGi.....Glacier

Geri ?

 GooseBump? Geranium...Gemma ?

 Grits ?   Gipper, Gloucester,......

 I think she stopped listening and is contemplating a move to a place where names are easy and hay is free.

Put on your thinking caps and start listing more names.

Creative boys names considered too, remember that I named her sister GlenNora and call her "Glennie."

Lets get this gal a name so she can sign some autographs!!


  1. How about if make it really simple, and call her "Girlie"

  2. Ginny, Gertie, Gianna, Gigi, Gisella, Gretta, Gwyneth? :) x

  3. We had a cat named G- just call her plain ole G lol

  4. I'm naming my first girl Greta, so you can steal that name if it works out for you. I don't mind sharing with a cute cow :)

  5. Here's another attempt at some G names: Galena, Gallant, Galisteo, Geyser, Glorietta, Gulnaer, Gawsie, Gailey, Grellen.

    My favorite though would be Notje. She is just "not G".

  6. She sure looks like a Gertrude to me!

  7. Galle - pronounced Gal A

  8. I feel like Gabby fits her!

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  9. I was going to suggest Georgia, but I see you already thought of that one. I love Gardenia even though she doesn't care for it much. How about Gaston. If that's too boyish, how about Gastonia. :)

  10. I like Gabrielle however Ginger would work for her too.

  11. Gisela!!! She definitely looks German to me!!

  12. She is adorable!! My pick...Geraldine :)

  13. Galilea? She's super cute. Thanks so much for sharing this on Waste Not Want Not Wednesday (P.S. I think you forgot to link back to the party? Thx :)