Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hillside Herefords

I saw some real eye candy while I was driving to work the other morning.

Big blue sky, green pine trees and red and white Herefords getting some sunshine on their hillside.

Clcik on the photos to enlarge them and enjoy the colors even more.

 I was going to title this post ":Hillside Heifers" but noticed that the majority of them were cows with a few handsome steers and heifers thrown in the mix.

The farmer who owns them sells fresh beef at the local farmers markets.

He also sells fresh chicken, eggs, corn and pork.

I have 2 of his pork chops in my freezer right now.

When I look in my freezer I know the farms and farmers that all my food came from.

None of it has bar codes or a long list of ingredients attached to it.

In most instances I know the name, age and breed of the animal that is in the package.

These cows free range all winter. They have a big barn to go into, but seldom do. They prefer standing up on their hills, under the trees in the sun and snow watching the wild turkeys, deer and caffeinated drivers go by.

They are a pleasant sight to see as I drive down the rural back roads on my side of Vermont.

I really like that this herd of cows are very calm and are not at all concerned about my vehicle being at the bottom of their hill.

They gaze at me and continue to chew their cud.

Thank goodness for cud.

Have a great day!

Do you have some eye candy that you get to see on your way to work ?


  1. i see lots of homeless people under bridges <}:o(

  2. No unfortunately-no eye candy for me-but I have driven on country roads and seen some--NY does have farmland-just not near where I live! You are truly living an organic green life style--good for you!!

  3. I don't work any more, but what a wonderful view for you!

  4. He has a very nice herd! And it IS really nice to know where your food has come from. Great post!

  5. They are all beautiful! I am from Tennessee and seeing cows in the fields were a daily occurrence. I now live in Houston and I have been here 3 years and I have not seen one cow! Thank you for sharing your pictures!

  6. I absolutely love your Hereford pics, but I think I may be a little biased about Herefords... ;-) Great story and great pictures, thanks for sharing. (visiting from Rurality Blog Hop)

    ~Taylor-Made Ranch~
    Wolfe City, Texas

  7. I love seeing cows anytime! These pictures are great with the white snow, green trees and red and white cattle! :)