Monday, February 4, 2013

Mailbox Monday

Every so often my cows get a package in the mail from secret admirers.

Usually its a few boxes of cinnamon covered graham crackers or a very creative cow card.

 So imagine my surprise one day when I witnessed the herd waiting for the rural delivery man to drive down the road to their mailbox.

 They followed his every move as he drove down the long winding road putting mail in mailboxes that lined his route.

The excitement mounted as he got closer and closer.  And closer.

Unfortunately, he did not stop at the herds mailbox.  He continued down the road and the cows watched him drive off into the sunset.

They then resumed chewing their cud.

Thank goodness for cud.


  1. Graham crackers? Perhaps tomorrow will be their lucky day! It's going to be a chilly night here in Maine, time to add another log to the fire! Greetings, Julie.

  2. I can't believe they get fan mail! LOL!! They look so disappointed that there was no delivery for them today. :(

  3. Herefords? you run Herefords?

    the most intelligent cow there is!