Monday, May 13, 2013

Blue Monday

I was just about to start packing away all my turtlenecks and sweaters yesterday.

I have spent the week wearing t shirts, so it was time to make the switch of putting summer clothes in my closet and moving the winter clothes out.

Then yesterday the temps dropped to 52 and then last night down to 40.

I brought all the hanging plants in and shut the windows in the chicken coop.

Thankful that I did not plant my tomato plants yesterday.

This morning it is 44 degrees with a very brisk cold wind.

Tonight the temps will dip to 32 degrees.

Might have to put the down comforter back on the bed......

Have you packed your winter clothes away yet ?

Whats the weather like where you live ?


  1. it was 31 here this morning. i covered all my plants and have a heavy sweatshirt on with my gardening pants. tonight it is going to be even colder!

  2. Shoot, we are going to be pushing 100 by the end of the week! :(

  3. Here in SE Pa, I, too, had to bring out the sweatshirt and turtleneck again today. We haven't had as warm weather as you in VT, so I didn't put them far away!. Today was cold and windy, more like early March than mid May. Frost tonight, I covered my big planters and brought whatever I could carry under the porch. My father in law used to say not to plant our 'tenders' like tomatoes, etc, until the 'oak leaves are as big as a squirrels ears". Looking at them today, he was right!

    Looking forward to spring finally coming...I hope we don't go right into summer.....uggh!

  4. Our temps here in Oregon took a dive as well.

  5. I packed my winter stuff away on Saturday. But I have held off planting anything remotely tender as in the past I've had frost on May 31. So tenders do not go out until then.

    It was getting quite cold here yesterday afternoon, and they said it would get down to 36. I've not looked to see how low it got. But there's no white out there, so it must not be too bad.

  6. I had the electric fire on this morning and am wearing a cosy fleece as I type. It's chucking it down at present and it's c c c c cold. Brrrrr! This is in CORNWALL - land of golden sands, blue skies and turquoise seas, awaiting the influx of summer visitors. Oh dear! Hope they bring their woollies and fleeces.

  7. After a sunny and warm weekend it's now about 50f, lashing it down with rain and 40mph wind gusts here in the SW of the UK. Yuck!