Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Farm Fences

A blast from this past winter.... just a few short months ago.....

A local hillside barn in the fog with its guardian tree providing shade in the summer and some woody character in the winter.

The farmer here raises Devon beef and lamb.

I picked up my reserved lamb here in December.

I love knowing the farmer who raises my food and seeing where and how the food is raised.

There are no bar codes on fresh food.

 I also received lamb hearts, tongue, kidneys, liver and necks for my famous cattle dog, Mavis.

The kidneys also make delicious Shepherds' pie.

I had to order the lamb a year in advance.    Well worth it.

Where are you buying your meat these days?


  1. We have a freezer full (well,not exactly full anymore!) of our own beef. It's so nice to not have to buy it at the store, and to know where it comes from!

  2. I agree, I also like knowing where my meat is coming from, really food in general. We buy from a local farmer in our town and also shop at various Farmer's markets...Have a good weekend...

  3. i would love to know the farmer where i could buy meat. i just go the grocery store route...blah! i do get local fresh eggs though!

  4. love that 2nd shot. gorgeous snowy view. ( :

  5. We get our beef from friends who grass feed them locally. The taste is so much better. Thanks for joining us at the Let's Get Social Sunday party. Have a wonderful week!