Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hay Hay Hay

The days are longer, cool and comfy and the hay is still delicious and great to roll out.

I had a welcoming committee this morning waiting for me.   I wish they could hand me a cup of coffee when I arrive.

A field of white marshmallows....

I did not have any help unrolling this morning.

I decided to make the letter "L" for LUCKY.

I am a lucky girl to be living the rural life.

I actually unrolled the hay in a "H" last time.
H for HAPPY.

 The herd does not care what letter I unroll the hay in.

It all tastes the same to them.

Although I KNOW when I unrolled it in the "J" shape a few of my older girls smiled.

When I unroll the hay early in the morning, I have many other sets of eyes watching me.

They wait until I leave the field and then they come nibble with the herd.

The turkeys are as hormonal as my own 2 ducks. These tom turkeys have been in the same exact little area of the field for 4 days, in plain view strutting and gobbling.

When the grass gets about 8 inches high, we can stop feeding hay and start rotating the cows through the field. I think it will be next week.

Who else is still feeding hay ?


  1. So if you move the cows to grass will you still supplement with hay? If you don't use all the marshmellows, will it stay good until next fall?

    1. The wrapped bales we are presently feeding are from 2010 and are dry, sweet and delicious, so yes they will last til fall if we have a few left over. IF the cows were in the barnyard and going to new grass for the very first time, then we would supplement a few bales of hay for about 4 days to give them some roughage to minimize the effect of the very lush grasses.... I will be real glad when we stop feeding hay $$$$

    2. I remember the cows in my Uncles barn that had just been released to the pasture in the spring. Messy if you got in the line of fire.

  2. We feed hay year round to our dairy cows...but a little less this time of year, now that they're out grazing during the day!

  3. Still no cows here, as no rain and grass stopped growing. But apparently the floods are due this weekend, so they should be here next week. In the meantime, I understand they are being hayed, as there was no grass to speak of early last week.

  4. everyone's turkeys seem to be hormonal just about now. i guess it is the time of year. your cows look so happy. so do your deer!

  5. Oh, those are all great shots. Hard work but enjoyable♫ My Rurality: http://lauriekazmierczak.com/yikes/

  6. Well...we feed hay all year long to the horses and goats. I wish we had some pasture but we don't have enough acreage for it. Those tom turkeys are really putting on a show! :)

  7. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing at Wildcrafting Wednesday!